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I want to clear the biggest misconception you have about selling.

If you think you even for a second that it is REQUIRED of you to have proven RESULTS before you will sell out, you are under a spell, an illusion created by man. You have been wired and programmed that way since school.

It is not a pre-requisit for you to have earned and “proven yourself” before you can sell. It’s YOU that people want. It’s your attitude, your awareness, you charisma, your leadership that people seek after.

In this video I get into detail about how I paralyzed myself and barely took action in business when I started my own brand from scratch.

How I clung on to my old results, the results I had produced before I split my brand with my wife, Sonika. It was as I had to hold onto a facade and maintain a certain image.

Oh boy, was it exhausting. Constantly wondering what people thought about my message. Wondering if they would take me seriously enough to even buy from me.

Watch the video to find out my epiphany!