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Build Your Multi-Million Dollar Spiritual Empire

    ditch the logic. CLOSE more sales

become a badass closer and begin building your spiritual empire

MAGNETIC sales activation

Barely making SALES?

Hustling your ass off just to experience a few sales trickling down?

Tired of investing in all sorts of trainings on marketing?

Have you lost the joy, the fun, the excitement in SELLING your offers?

This is why I created Magnetic Sales Activation!

End the endless misery and struggle in closing your Sales!

$1,000 USD

MAGNEtic Sales Activation


90 Minutes 1:1 Session of Coaching


Followed by 1 week of Voxer Speed Coaching


We will identify the exact BLOCK that's stopping you from closing your sales and getting booked out


Getting crystal clear on your offers and setting a roadmap that will bring in high 5 figure sales.


Your BADASS sales confidence will be activated


Hi guys ! I would like to share my experience so far. I spoke to Naveed Asif I reckon around 3 weeks back. I was at rock bottom time of my life, Naveed spoke to me gave me some advice; I’ve watched 2 modules so far and the day before I shook hands on a £4 million real estate deal! Ask the universe for an opportunity that will give you a chance to earn that x amount and then just keep your eyes open and that opportunity will knock your door. That’s what I did, “asked for an opportunity which will make me that x amount”!
  Thank You for your guidance and I wish everyone All the Best!



OMG !!! You won’t believe this!!! Then again, knowing what you know & teach, you probably won’t even be surprised!
…drumroll please because this REALLY deserves a drumroll…
We just attracted (brace yourself!!) £1 frickin’ Million!!! Seriously! I still remember you saying ‘you can attract money out of nothing or nowhere!’ & tada!!! We did it! We frickin’ did it! It’s true, we get what we believe!!! Thank you for lending me your belief so I too could believe! This is just the beginning, I know it! Thank you Thank you Thank you for your guidance! P.S. We’ll be purchasing our dream home with this, you’re very welcome to visit us anytime.



I grew up thinking everything needed to be difficult. That’s just the way it is and has to be. I’ve had many mentors and coaches before Naveed and I always believed I can only be successful in 5-10 years. It’s just the way it is.

When I met Naveed, I saw how easy it was for him to manifest what he wants. Just talking to him feels so aligned. It feels right. It feels pure flow. I knew right then and there that I had to stick with him no matter what!

Two days after one of our sessions I’ve manifested US$10k. 90 days into our coaching, from $5k (or less) months, I’ve manifested US $20k in a single month!

Now that I’ve been with him for almost 2 years, my business just got even more sophisticated! High End! Most importantly, it has become a business that I love! Everything in my life changed including personal life. I love who I’ve become! He’s there when I need him and he says the best advice you need at that moment! I respond differently now and this helps me manifest even more success in all aspects of life!

I could probably go on and on… but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. Right now, I’m just super excited to move forward in this journey !



I’ve been working with Naveed for just over three weeks now and already my whole life has done a complete turnaround.  Today, in one day, I earned more money than I used to in one month. I am eternally grateful for his help, do what he says and your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine. I’ve earned over $35,000 NZD in my first month of working with them.


MAGNETIC sales activation

Only 10 spots available